If you are a Veteran or member of the Canadian Armed Forces, we would love to share your artwork.

Our terms are fairly simple.

1.  All artists represented are Veterans or members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

2.  All fine art mediums are represented. Oil paintings, watercolour, pastel, pen and ink, graffiti,  sculpture, carvings, etc.

3.  All art featured must be for sale by the artist.

4.  Artists set the price for their artwork. Upon sale 10% goes to a Canadian Veterans charity of the artists choice, 10% to the gallery, and 80% to the artist.

5.  CVAG will promote by all means each and every artist. This to include a strong social media presence of your work on Web, aggressive social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

6.  We will work with artists to determine the viability of producing limited edition prints for sale.

7.  We encourage and promote art as a therapy for combat-related PTSD and will work with Veterans and certain organizations to assist in this process. (Article on art therapy for reference below).

Submit Your Artwork

By email to stand4canada@yahoo.ca please submit

1.  The imagery of your artwork. 1 to 12 individual pieces to begin with. Each piece of art must have a name, dimensions to indicate size, the material it is made from, and the price you would like to sell it.

2.  A  photo of yourself in uniform. See the photos of the artists already represented for style, but if all you have is a photo of you from 1996 on the deck of HMCS Algonquin, that will work just fine.

3. A recent photo of yourself.

4. A brief bio of yourself, including CAF experience.

Let us know of your interest up-front and provide the above as you can. Once we receive the requested info we will begin promoting you online.‚Äč

Representation by Canadian Veterans Art Gallery